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FairWater Project in Angola, before and after the replacement of an abandoned handpump

Who is
WATSAN.COM is managed by FairWater, a Social Enterprise, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The objective of FairWater is to fight poverty in Africa by making the access to safe water more reliable and affordable. The founder of FairWater, Paul van Beers holds an MSc in Environmental Hydrology and has an international professional background of over 30 years in research, implementation, consultancies and project management on Water Supply, Hydrology and Environment in Africa and Europe. He is a member of the Dutch NEDWORC Consultants for Development Foundation and a founding board member FairWater and has worked for Universities, Consultancy firms, The World Bank, and National and International NGOs.

Mission of WatSan.com
WATSAN.COM is a world internet free-portal for all Water and Sanitation Products & Services. We specifically aim to promote networking between the commercial sector and the NGOs and Not-for-Profit Organizations, especially for the water sector in the developing countries.

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