Info Name Country Subject Views

Drilling Services International Ltd Kenya Water drilling in Kenya 1045
EEPC Burkina Faso Drilling and Public Infrastructure 1040
Joissam Ghana Limited Ghana You are most welcome 1197
Kedemtec Ltd. Israel 1088
RIPE Pty Ltd Australia RIPE specialises in the Manufacturing and servicing of standard an custom designed inflatable packers and OEM replacements 1076
SADEER UK/ DRC/Central African Republ Société d'adduction d'eau et électrification rurale. Water drilling, water point rehabilitation and supply of Afripumps. 1121
Water Africa Services Ltd Kenya Most reliable and leading service provider of Water Drilling & handpumps (Afripump) in Kenya, Tanzania & South Sudan. 1307
WB+AD Morgan United Kingdom Reliable, trouble-free water supplies. Through our engineering operations and selection of equipment and materials for well construction 1082