Info Name Country Subject Views

AEROMIX Systems, Inc. USA Our products include the widest range of aeration systems and mixers as well as a line of compact water treatment 970
Aquasystems International Belgium 971
Biobox. E.A. Ltd Kenya Biobox Sewage & Waste Water Treatment 1126
Bright Spark B.V. The Netherlands 964
Cartwright Consulting Co. The Netherlands 965
Centriquip United Kingdom Centriquip is the leading UK manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for solid liquid separation and offers a complete range of durable products for the treatment 1009
Christ Kennicot Water Technology Ltd United Kingdom Water waste environment 986
Combinatiebouw voor Industriële Elektrotechniek B.V. The Netherlands 969
S Environmental Systems Germany 967
Sancor industries Ltd USA & Canada Envirolet® Composting Toilets 1001
UV Pure Technologies Inc Canada Provides advanced ultraviolet drinking and wastewater systems. 966
WesTech USA premier manufacturer of custom water and wastewater treatment equipment for industrial and municipal applications 999