Info Name Country Subject Views

A.E.S. ARABIA LTD Saudi-Arabia All water treatment & Reverse Osmosis 1022
Advantalife limited ( Asia ) China Water Filtration Systems 986
AFIMO Monaco AFIMO is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of a complete line of filtration products 1038
AMG Water Filters Italy Manufacturers of water filters and water treatment equipment 1052
Amiad Filtration Systems USA With over 40 years of experience, Amiad Filtration Systems has become the filter of choice among many leading membrane system manufacturers. 1014
Aqua Techiek bv The Netherlands Improvement of water quality by means of filtration through granular filtermedia 1037
Aquaphor Russian Fed. AQUAPHOR® is the largest home water filter manufacturer in Russia with more than 540 full-time employees 1005
ARAG S.r.l. Italy Water filters for all purposes 1026
Barney Corporation, Inc USA Everything we do is related to filters. We specialize in new product development of filters for OEM manufacturers. 1024
Berghof Filtrations- und Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany Membranes for microfiltration and ultrafiltration 1025
Bernoulli System AB Sweden self cleaning filter design 985
Bluefilters GmbH Germany Producing and distributing water filters and their parts 977
Blugeo S.r.l. Italy 957
Canaletas Spain 960
Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH Germany We provide good air and clean water 1033
Caware International Co., Ltd. Taiwan 978
Cixi Dingan Electric Appliance Co., Tld. China 968
COMTECH Water System Corp. Taiwan 978
Crystalfil S.r.l. Italy 964
Filter Pure Systems, Inc USA Pentek/Pentair distributor. Aquacore ultrafiltration distributor. Hydrotech distributor. 1006
Filtrapure, Inc USA Provides water treatment dealers, distributors, OEMs and large retailers with quality filtration and purification products at reasonable prices. 1010
Forsta Filters USA Forsta Industrial water filters 1139
Nazava Indonesia Nazava Water Filters 1065
Orival U.S.A. Self Cleaning Water Filters & Strainers 1028
Pozzani Brazil Low Cost Household filters 1165
Siga Filtration United Kingdom Process & Industrial Filtration 5660
Taiwan Grace International Corp Taiwan We are a Tawainese manufacturer of Filter Cartridges and Housings 1001
TGI USA TGI® participates in all phases of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.), Ultra Violet (U.V.), and Deionization (D.I.) water treatment technologies, incl. Arseen 1025
Van Borselen Filters B.V. The Netherlands 966
Willmar Water Inc. Willmar Water is a supplier of air injection components. We are the manufacturer of the Airhead. 989